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Name: Susanne Brown
Subject: what?!??!?


 I had a friend tell me after this June-we will have NO more union hall!...Will someone fills us in and tell us what then we will need to do without it? like how to handle things in case we come across insurance problems? ect? Thank you for any helpful information...also if that happens-will this online place be gone too? I sure will miss you all! :( 

Name: David
Subject: New3s

The text of the announcement that David wanted to share showed up in my inbox! Here it is:

Dear All,
There is some great news for all retirees concerning reinstate  of Dental & Vision benefits next year.... please click in the browser to read the details.
One question to all, if you know the answer, please kindly provide : I need to have 2 crowns cap fixed soon ( it will costs me about $3000 out of pocket) because I have only very basic dental coverage from UAW-GM, if you know Delta Dental pre 2009 coverage or the up and coming coverage, I hope they will at least some coverage on this Crowns service ?  I intend to keep the service on hold to until early next year  hoping the new Dental coverage will cover some of my expense, what do you think ?
Wishing All of my friends and Happy and Solemn Memorial Day Holiday,  and don't forget to Thanks A Vet .
I am very very disturb about the current VA scandals  how could a captive terrorist held in Gitmo received better VA healthcare than Our Proud and Brave Veterans who put their lives on the line to serve this country of OURS : The United States Of America
God Bless You All

Name: Sue
Subject: loving it!

My hubby got his letter today about the dental/vision info...very good news indeed! p/s thank you-to those responsible for this! :)

Name: Patsy
Subject: Dental and Vision Coverage for GM Retirees

Hi David,

Thanks for the update.  That is good news. I am going to try to go to the next Material Breakfast at Grandy's located at N. Lincoln Blvd and NE 36th St. at 9:00 a.m. on June 5. Would love to see you if you can attend.

Have a safe weekend.


Name: Mary
Subject: Robert (Bob) Williams

Robert (Bob) Williams passed away on May 27, 2014 at S.W. Integris Hospital. Bob worked in trim on second shift and transferred to Wentzville, MO. when the OKC plant shut down. He retired in 2008. Bob was also a Vietnam Veteran. He is survived by his daughter Samantha and son Jacob. The UAW expresses its deepest sympathy to the Family

Name: David
Subject: Dental Vision for Retirees



Editor's note: Davis sent this along. He wishes everyone a Happy Memorial Day as well.



Name: Linda Smith
Subject: Condolences


Russell Eddie White, died May 1.  Says he worked at GM from the day it opened until the day they closed.
Memorial service will be held Wednesday, May 7, 2:00 p.m., Havenbrook Funeral Home Chapel, 3401 Havenbrook Street, Norman.

Name: Sue
Subject: been awfully quiet here

Thought I send a shout out (or hello) to all. I have been seeing all the trouble GM has been having lately-with ignition ,ect vehicle problems. On the brighter side-spring is HERE! yaaa...but I also hear we may get one night this coming week of frost and freezing temps...I also have not seen any of my hummers(birds) as of yet-maybe they heard about that cold night coming! (kidding)...ok best go-am posting this on Friday- April 11th... oh BTW-wanted to also send an early Happy Easter greeting too! :)

Name: Mary Rehl
Subject: Stanley Lee Services

I have some information to be posted on the retirees web site on a Stanley Lee who passed away last weekend, viewing will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday after 4:00 at the Vondel Smith & Son Mortuaries at 4000 S.W. 119th OKC and the services will be held at the Graceway Baptist Church on 1100 SW 104th and Western at 10:00am Thursday the gentle men who called to report this death is Gene Haney ph: 405-691-6882. Thank you

Name: David
Subject: Brother Nick Inquiry

Re brother Nick inquiry about the healthcare article link posted by sister Sue. In general and as far as I know, Money.msn.com article posting only valid for 30 days and after that it will be removed and replaced by other article. Hope that helps . In Solidarity David

Name: Lonnie
Subject: W2

got a W-2 today from General Motors, out of Phoenix, Az, stats wages $205.86, no state or federal taxes wre taken out, is this laget, are we getting two W-2's. thanks Lonnie

Name: John Dunn
Subject: UAW member death

I saw UAW member James Sawtell of Moore, Ok has passed away on Wednesday 01/29/2014. Services will be 2:PM Monday at John M. Ireland Funeral home in Moore, OK.

Name: Nick
Subject: Sue's Link About Healthcare

Hi everyone. It's been a while since Sue posted her link and a while since I've checked in. Well, I can't open her link. Any help? On another note, it's sad to see more passing away of members. How much longer till we're all gone I wonder. It seems like a steamroller of obituaries some times. It is so sad, knowing time is running out.......

Name: Sue Brown
Subject: RIP Barbara Lavarnway

I didn't get to know Barbara very well. She was however a sweet and caring person and I know many will miss her. I found her obit here(for anyone interested) http://www.moorefuneralcremation.com/?pagetype=memlist and here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/oklahoman/obituary.aspx?pid=169668541 I think it is nice for folks to leave some comment in the guestbook. I try to when I do not attend the funeral.

Name: Robert
Subject: My Apology

Sorry for delayed and missed postings. Had a computer crash, and Internet connectivity issues.  When it all got up and running again the posting editor didn't work in Internet Explorer, it would not load the commands that would allow me to save a submission to the Bulletin Board. Today I installed an open source browser and it works fine and I will be able to process submissions again. Thank you for your patience.


Name: Lonnie
Subject: W2

Tax people explained to me what the extra W-2 was for. but thanks anyway

Name: Judy Calhoun
Subject: Barbara Lavarnway

Barbara Lavarnway, one of UAW Local 1999 most active and dedicated members, passed away Feb. 12. Her funeral service will be Saturday, Feb.15 at 11:00 am at Highland Baptist Church 2425 SE 4th in Moore. Burial will be at Resthaven, SW 104th and Western. Labor has lost a good friend.

Name: Mike Hadlock, Chairman
Subject: Calvin Brown's funeral

                           IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!!!





Name: Mike Hadlock, Chairman
Subject: Condolences

It is with our sincere condolences to the family of Calvin Brown, Retired Member, who passed away on Saturday, December 28th, 2013. Viewing Friday, January 3rd, 2014, at Rolfe Funeral Home located on N.E. 36th Street directly East of I-35. Funeral services will be held at the Fifth Street Missionary Baptist Church, 801 N.E. 5th Street, OKC. Calvin worked most of his GM career in the Cushion Room in OKC, GM Plant.   

Name: David
Subject: Happy New Year

 Dear Sisters and Brothers, First, I am wishing you and yours a Happy New Year 2014 with abundant health with faith and high spirits, also with 3 E's in life : Energy+Enthusiasm+Empathy. Happy New Year to our brave Armed Forces and their families Be safe, be brave and Thanks for your services. As for Sister Sue letter : after reading that article in posted link, the way I understood is the case which a judge decision made was about the June 2007contract between GM and former Delphi sisters and brothers represented by UAW, it is complicated but I am confident our UAW representative will fight and appeal for the court ruling agressively. - With some of Americans could not identify and do not even distinguish that the Affordable Cares Act and Obamacare are THE SAME.... I am concern and worry that 2014 will be a turbulance year to ALL with a lot of uncertainty on our healthcare coverages even we know our UAW will try their best to protect our hard earned benefits just as the ordinary hard working middle class Americans will fight for their rights to have a fair share in buying their own health insurance........ that is how USA stand for .

In Solidarity God Bless America, God Bless Our Armed Forces and God Bless our Union




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